Capable people and an open attitude are the biggest values of Tuulekaru OÜ. We are proud of the results that our knowledge and experience create and hopefully in the future the society will feel the same. In addition to the good results we also wish to offer memorable emotions, which could be compared for example to meeting a bear on a lonely bog island or seeing the Eiffel tower by the river Seine.
Behind the best results there are always people. In Tuulekaru OÜ we do not have many of them, just five engineers with their ten hands, but together with partners we have already more than 400 efficient engineering fingers. We are all motivated to produce the best engineering results, based on the means of the customer. Tuulekaru OÜ and its partners offer more than 13 years of practical experience in managing different (international) projects. In management we are independent of employers, manufacturers and material vendors.